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The following article consists of fun facts about Learning Piano vs. Learning the Keyboard.

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Tips on Focusing While Practicing

Two Tips for Focus While Practicing Everyone has a little trouble focusing now and then when practicing their instrument. Don’t worry; it’s completely normal. But what separates the seasoned musicians from the beginner students is the ability to get past this self-conscious inability to focus and the ability to practice wholeheartedly with full attention. This is very important as without your full attention you’re bound to work some bad habits into your practice session and you’ll have trouble breaking them later. So here are a few (i.e., two) tips for how to keep/regain your focus while practicing. The first one is pretty obvious, but sometimes people forget: don’t forget to take a break. If you feel your mind wandering, or you feel yourself becoming aware of the fact that you are practicing an instrument rather than being absorbed in the practice itself, just go ahead and take a break. Come back in a few minutes and you’ll likely have an easier time keeping your focus. The second is less obvious and sounds a little like voodoo, but I promise it really does work. The trick is to roll your eyes up all the way at the ceiling and hold them there for a few seconds. When you bring your eyes back down, make sure you bring them straight to the music, and start playing. I don’t know why it works, but it really gives you a totally fresh look on the world and on the music. I think it has something to do with hypnosis. So those are the tricks. Give them a try and good luck!