A man of many hats, guitar / classical guitar / bass instructor Michael J. C. can be  seen performing in various outfits throughout the world, most notably as rhythm guitarist  / bassist Earl Grey of Chimay in the critically acclaimed medieval rock band Blackmore’s  Nightfeaturing Candice Night and legendary guitarist Ritchie Blackmore  .  Between tours  in Blackmore’s Night, Michael also performs private events exclusively  for  the Hank Lane  Music agency in New York. Having  worked  in  nearly  every  aspect  of  the  entertainment  industry,  Michael  brings  extensive  experience  and  historical  knowledge  that  uniquely  compliment  his  music  instruction.    Students  who  wish  to  learn  an  instrument  as  well  as  receive  guidance  to  making a living in the entertainment industry  have a great  opportunity  to  do  so  through  Michael’s teaching. Michael holds a Master’s Degree in Secondary Business Education from Dowling College and  a  Bachelor’s  Degree  in  Business  from  Five  Towns  College.    Previous  professional  credits  include  Producer  /  Writer  for  National  Lampoon,  Extras  Actor  in  various  films  and  television,  and  the  Soundtrack  Composer  /  Performer  for  the  2004  Off-Broadway  Judith  Shakespeare Production of Richard 3.