Marilia O. began her musical career as a child when she received her first recorder. Soon after that, she got a flute and she studied it for years, and played in a couple of young orchestras. Upon arriving at the university, she majored in Choral and Orchestral conducting, and at that time, her only thoughts on teaching were as a flute or recorder tutor. It was when she was first invited to teach music in a bilingual pre-school that she discovered her passion for teaching. What fascinated her the most was how children react to music, and its ability to develop other kinds of knowledge.

Ever since then Marilia started taking all kinds of courses, training programs and internships regarding music education, and never stopped working with it, having worked for many different school levels, from nursery to high school. She is an experienced tutor in flute, piano, keyboard, singing and recorder. She also teaches music theory and history not only for children, but for adults and seniors. Marilia is also experienced in working with choirs of different kinds and ages, and all kinds of activities such as planning, teaching and conducting. As a performer, Marilia has worked in chamber music groups and a flutist and in professional choirs as a singer, playing classical and popular music.