I started playing pop/rock guitar at the age of 10 under the instruction of James Jackson at Guitar Asylum.  After two years I moved on to train under the direction of Ed Lozano at the Paul Green School of Rock Music for three years.  I then started my classical instruction under Ronald Pace at Brentwood High School for an additional three years.  I am currently furthering my classical training at Adelphi University under the direction of Professor William Zito.  I have played in several bands and classical guitar ensembles.

Music Theory– 4 years experience I began my studies of music theory at Brentwood High School under the direction of Kevin Tims.  I then continued my studies with my guitar teachers Ed Lozano and Ron Pace.  I am currently studying theory and composition under Professor Sydney Boquiren.

Piano– 4 years experience I started taking elementary piano lessons at school under the direction of Joshua Bedell and then moved on to study privately for an additional two years.  I am currently continuing my piano studies under Professor Adrienne Borbely.  Other I have experience teaching guitar to all ages of students on many different playing levels.

I can also teach all types of music ranging from rock to classical, acoustic to electric guitar.  I also give beginner piano lessons geared toward younger students.  I am also experienced at teaching or tutoring in music theory.