My name is Laura M. and I am a Long-Island and Westchester based piano instructor. I have been dedicated to learning piano for 20 years and just recently received my B.A. in Arts Management and Studio Composition from SUNY Purchase College, Conservatory of Music. I have been teaching private piano lessons for six years and elementary school keyboard classes for two years. I strive to motivate my students to find the beauty in this instrument and to embrace the importance that music has in everyday life.  Along with piano instruction, my services provide music theory, ear training, and music history instruction. At the end of each lesson my students will be asked to complete a homework assignment based off of the new skill they’ve learned that week. Knowledge in all of these areas will tremendously improve your skills when sitting at the piano. The best part about my job is helping my students to overcome problems they might face with specific aspects of the music, whether it be technical or musical. Seeing something “click” that my student has been practicing always brings a smile to my face, and of course lights up the students’ face as well! It brings me so much joy to teach someone who is as enthusiastic about music as I am. Ultimately, my goal is to help my students develop their brain and skills through the use of repeated practice methods whilst bringing out the music in them through education and encouragement.