Katie Scheele is a versatile oboist who enjoys an active career in New York City  playing  all  types  of  music.   After  moving  to  NYC  in  2003,  Ms. Scheele  started  her  journey  playing  and  touring  with  several  orchestras, including    the    Westchester    Chamber    Orchestra,    the    Long    Island Philharmonic,  the  Westchester  Philharmonic,  the  Reading  (PA)  Symphony, the  NY  Gilbert  and  Sullivan  Players  and  the  Philharmonic  Orchestra of  the Americas. However,  her  true  passion  is  playing  chamber  music  and recording/performing  with  bands  and  other  non-traditional  ensembles. Ms. Scheele  founded  the  unconventional  oboe  trio  Threeds  and  plays  English horn  with  them in  the  city  and  all  over  the  country.Their  debut  album Unraveled  just  came  out  (June  2011)  and  is  available  on  iTunes  and  CD Baby. Most recently, the trio was invited (by audition) to be a Music Under NY artist, sponsored by the NYC MTA.

An   active   studio   musician,   Ms.   Scheele   has   played   on   many   film soundtracks,  including  two  that  were  nominated  for  a  2009  &  2010  Emmy Award in music and sound. She enjoys creating new paths for the oboe, and often  plays  with  several  folk  and  rock  bands  in  downtown  NYC  music venues.    Ms.  Scheele  has  been  featured  on  over  twenty  pop  albums  and several  other  avant-garde  recordings.    Recently,  Ms.  Scheele  has  been exploring jazz  and  experimental  music,  playing  English  horn  with  Anthony Braxton’s Tri-Centric Orchestra and oboe with Miguel Zenon’s Puerto Rican Songbook  at  the  2011  Newport  Jazz  Festival.    Ms.  Scheele  received her B.M.  cum  laude  from  Northwestern  University  and  her  M.M.  from Boston University.  Her principal teachers include Ray Still, Robert Sheena, Barbara LaFitte  and  Robert  Walters.    Ms.  Scheele  teaches  at  the  Bloomingdale School  of  Music,  the  Brooklyn  Conservatory,  the  Brearley  School  and  the Rudolph Steiner School, where she also teaches band and recorder.