Joe has been performing since the age of 13 and teaching for over 25 years. He makes his living in New York as a working musician (keyboards, vocals, and guitar) playing and recording his own songs as well as other people’s material. He has been described as “a more edgy Billy Joel”, and “the Bruce Springsteen of Long Island” by reviewers. Joe has also written for cable and television, and throughout the course of his career he has worked with many influential musicians including Leon Russell, Chuck Berry, Jason Bonham, Randy Jackson, Dee Snyder, the classical rock group  Renaissance, and several members of Billy Joel’s Band.

Joe began playing the piano at 3 years old, showing his passion for music at a young age. He went on to get his BA in Music from Queens College, and studied piano with jazz pianist Walter Bishop Jr. He also studied guitar for several years at NYU, as well as with private instructors. Leon Russell, Renaissance, Jason Bonham and Billy Joel’s Band.