Jessi  S. is an artist whose compelling voice and rich sonic landscape reflects a life journey of personal determination and self-discovery. Born and raised in New York, this singer-songwriter/musician started her classical training at age six studying the works of Chopin, Mozart, and Beethoven. During her junior and senior year of high school she spent most of her time attending The Manhattan School of Music Conservatory which provided the highest possible caliber of musical and educational training for exceptional young musicians from around the world. As she started learning about life she took the pain of the world and began writing it in her music. By the time Jessi was 20 she had performed all over Manhattan like the Bitterend, Kenny’s Castaways, CBGB’s, Desmonds Tavern, The Cutting Room.  After graduating from college, she packed her things and moved to Los Angeles.  Within a few months, she landed a position at EMI in Hollywood and had to put her music on hold.  The simplicity of her words conveys a deep well of emotion and wisdom—for even in her darkest material, there is always the glimmer of optimism.