Through the years, music has proven to be a gift to all who listen, create and play. This gift reaches a wide range of people across the world, bringing something different to each person. For my mother, learning music was her dream, but she made it my reality. After much resistance and buckets of tears, I auditioned and gained acceptance to one of New York City’s specialized high schools. Surrounded by talented students, I found inspiration to grow musically. Playing with a variety of chamber groups and instrumentalists, I began to appreciate the gift of making music together and bringing our sound to the community around us.

As a participant of the Frederic Chopin Festival and a winner of several competitions, I have learned that the future is limitless with commitment to practice and sometimes we are more capable than we know. Your boundaries are as far as you make them. So don’t set any, just keep on going! Currently, I am a graduate student, under the tutelage of Mr. Jeffrey Biegel, at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music and a member of the Young Pianists’ Circle under Ms. Casmelyn Quicoy.