Eleonora B. Is a violin and viola specialist who is currently teaching many students privately. She has studied extensively in Russia from the age of 10 and on the merits of her outstanding performance she was accepted into a conservatory for only the best and brightest musicians for her undergraduate studies.

After completing her undergraduate studies with honors, Eleonora further pursued her music performance career at the prestigious Sarajishvili Conservatory of Georgia, earning her master’s degree. She had the honor of being asked to perform on violin with the Zaqaria Paliashvili National Opera and Ballet Theater orchestra.

In addition to performing, Eleonora taught violin and viola all through her college years. In 2002, Eleonora came to the U.S. and taught privately as well as at the Community School of Arts in Long Island, N.Y.Many of her students have gone on to study the violin professionally at some of the most well-known conservatories in the United States.

Eleonora is well known by her students as having a patient and sweet personality suitable for teaching all ages.