Dina V. (Paolucci), a pianist, teacher, piano accompanist.  At the age of 8 Ms. V. was accepted in a primary music school and soon became a laureate of different piano competitions in the North Region of Russia. At the age of 13 she has received a prestigious mayor`s scholarship.

After the primary music school Ms. V.  continued her education in a music college in Murmansk, where she was preparing the numerous solo programs and leading intensive concert life. Also, during the study in the music college, Ms. V. won several international piano competitions and took part in various competitions in Russia and abroad. She made her debut with the Murmansk Philharmonic at the age of 17. Besides, she participated in different master classes and studied with famous Russian and European pianists, such as – Elena Murina and Tatiana Zagorovskaya (St. Petersburg Conservatory), Natalia Trull and Maxim Diev (Moscow Conservatory), Vladimir Tropp and Vladimir Nikonovich (Russian Gnessins` Academy of Music), Boris Lvov (Germany). In 2003 Ms. Volkova has finished the music college with honor and received a governor`s prize. At the same year she was accepted in Russian Gnessins` Academy of Music in Moscow at a class of Professor Mikhail Sayamov.

During the years spent in Moscow, Ms. V. led a very active concert life and took part in the international piano competitions in Russia and abroad. In 2006 she won the international piano competitions in Italy and Ukraine. At the same year she was hired at the Music School in Moscow as a piano teacher. In 2007 Ms. V.  has received a diploma on the international piano competition in Moscow. In 2008 she graduated from Gnessins` Academy of Music with honor.  In 2008 Ms. V. was accepted as a full scholarship student, and moved to the United States in order to pursue her Master`s of Music degree at Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY (class of Professor Natalya Antonova).While studying at Eastman School of Music Ms. V. acquired skills of an accompanist at the Opera/Musical Theatre under the baton of Benton Hess. Also she worked as an accompanist at a class of famous tenor Robert Swensen. In May of 2010 she successfully completed her Master`s Degree at Eastman School of Music.

In the last several years, Ms. V.`s focus has been on music education. In 2010 she became a piano associate with the Piano School of New York City, New York Vocal Coaching Inc., and Purchase College, State University of New York. Today Ms. V. is a proud faculty member at Mahanaim School of Music in Huntington, NY.