Whether your goal is to learn to play piano for your own enjoyment, or to prepare yourself for NYSSMA or any other performance, Dina can be your ticket to success!  With 20 years experience teaching and performing on piano, she can tailor your lessons at the pace you want to learn.   She has worked with students of all ages, from 5 year old beginners to adults who want to begin playing piano or to resurrect their piano skills from years past.

With her experience in classical music, she can provide a solid background in basic theory, proper hand technique and body position, so that bad habits cannot creep in and you can make optimal and rapid  progress as a developing musician.  Classically trained on piano and violin from the age of 7, she holds a NYS Certification in teaching music in the public schools, and holds a BA and Masters degree in Music Education from Queens College. She has taught chorus, band and orchestra and has directed concerts in all these areas in the in the NYS public school system. In addition, she is also a Certified Adjudicator in NYSSMA piano.

She has been performing and teaching piano for the last 2 decades in many venues such as concerts, temples, churches, and stage events.

As a multi-instrumentalist, she has also performed professionally on violin and viola.  She was violist for the Aaron Copeland School of Music Orchestra in the late 90‘s, and presently plays in a number of orchestras on Long Island, and is violist for the New Horizons Chamber Group of Huntington.

For those who prefer training in Jazz, she has played in Jazz ensembles and many groups which she has directed.  She was piano player in Roland Hanna’s Jazz workshop at Queens College and was privately tutored by  Lee Evans, who has authored more than 100 books of Jazz Solos and Jazz teaching methodology.  He is also known worldwide as a music educator who teaches classical students who would like to crossover to learning the mechanism of Jazz theory and performance.   Dania uses the Lee Evans method of teaching jazz to those who wish to study and excel in this genre