My name is Bari Rose Lebowitz and I am 24 years old. I started playing cello in 4th grade through the public school system and instantly fell in love with it. In 5th grade I participated in NYSSMA as a level II student and participated every year after that. I was accepted into both All County and the Long Island String Festival for many years. Throughout middle school and the early years of high school I took lessons with various instructors before finding my permanent mentor and role model Nicholas Anderson who saw my potential and challenged me to exceed my expectations.  Under his guidance I was accepted into the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra, where I performed throughout Australia and New Zealand, as well as local venues including Carnegie Hall. In my junior year of high school I commenced my studies at Long Island High School for the Arts (LIHSA). Between my home school and LIHSA, I performed in 3 orchestral groups and took classes in music history, theory, aural skills, and music technology. I continued my studies at SUNY Fredonia as a Music Education Major in August 2010 and soon picked up a dual major in Political Science. While at SUNY Fredonia, I performed in both large symphonies, pit orchestras, and small ensembles, and had the opportunity to perform the Dvorjak Cello Concerto with Soloist Yo-Yo MA. I also participated with the Cello Choir in a Master Class with Yo-Yo Ma. As much as I loved music, it began to feel like a sport where competition was more important than the art, love and passion behind it. In 2012, I decided to leave behind my music degree and focus solely on Political Science. Although my major had changed, I continued to keep music in my life and performed with the College Symphony Orchestra, Cello Choir, and various pit orchestras and small ensemble groups. After graduating in 2014, I commenced employment with Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen and Lowey, LLP, where I am currently employed as a Paralegal until July 2016, when I will commence my studies at Hofstra Law School.