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Online Music Lessons During Covid 19


During these Covid 19 challenging times families are looking for many ways to not just keep themselves active but to also make sure your children continue their learning while schools are in lock down. Many families are learning how to home school or monitor their childrens online studies. Music is both a fun and educational way for your child or any age person to discover many new creative ways of expression and learning strengths all through the course of music. Regardless if you are beginner, intermediate or advance student of music, choosing to learn and continue with your music education online [...]

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Online Music Lesson Benefits for Children


Why online music lessons for children during these challenging times while we experience Covid-19 All children need some form of a release, and especially during the lock down orders with Covid-19, it is very important to keep your child’s interest and creativity sharp. Every child has hidden talents deep inside them that need to be triggered in some sort of way. Music lessons online may provide your child with the interest, desire and excitement needed to learn something new that is both interesting, educational, fun and awarding all at the same time. Where else can you see immediate results than with [...]

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