Saxophone Lessons


saxophone-lessonsAnyone who wants to learn the Saxophone or Sax as it’s commonly referred to, must love Jazz music. When you see someone playing the saxophone in an orchestra, band or by itself, you are drawn to them. You can see their passion come through their music. It is a wonderful instrument to learn during a child’s school years because as well as learning an instrument and developing a talent, they can also excel in a group atmosphere such as the school band. It can be used to gain a personal talent, confidence, and introduce a child to working together with others and developing their social skills.

The journey of learning to play the saxophone has many stages. First and foremost, saxophone lessons will help you to work on your breathing skills. The saxophone requires good breathing control because you are creating a sound by blowing air into air holes which are covered and opened to create a sound. It is important to learn breathing exercises that will increase your lung capacity as well as allowing your breathing to be more controlled when it needs to be. These different exercises will allow you to create deep short notes as well as the wonderful soulful long notes.

Also, all ten fingers are necessary to play the saxophone. Our saxophone teachers will teach you different exercises to make sure your figures are relaxed enough in order to create the sounds you wish for with the littlest amount of effort.


Lessons in saxophone will teach you that posture is important. Your posture will determine how you handle the instrument, how your mouth fits the opening, positioning the reed in your mouth, your breathing and how well your fingers can relax while holding the saxophone. If one of these aspects is off, you will not be able to create the type of music you yearn for.

Our saxophone teachers are trained to instruct you step by step. They pick up on your strengths as well as your weaknesses so they can get the most out of you. Once you get comfortable with the saxophone, scales and chords will be introduced. Taking saxophone lessons will take you on a journey, that is both challenging and very rewarding. Before long, you will be able to play a song and have the confidence to make that song your own with what you were taught. You can bring joy to your life as well as enjoyment and love of music to the people around you.

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