Voice Lessons


voice-lessonsVoice has become ever more popular due to the new television competitions (American Idol, The Voice etc) and due to the ever increasing popularity of current popular artists such as Madonna, Rhianna Lady Gaga etc.

Training the voice involves the development of breathing techniques and attention to pitch and performance among other things.

The voice is considered an instrument however voice lessons involve no instrument to hold and that makes it a more “personal” instrument.

At our music recitals, our voice students command the undivided attention of the audience members. There is something very touching about words and music together sung by one person onstage with just the piano accompaniment.


Almost everyone loves to sing! The act of singing releases tension and brings joy to the heart.

The recommended age to start serious vocal training is age 12, but young children aged 3 and up love to sing so much that we have developed wonderful voice lessons programs for them as well.

In the case of young children, it is important not to strain their vocal chords and so we focus more on breath, repertoire (teaching them songs) and performance.

Often we get requests for voice and piano lessons combined so the student can accompany his/herself one day.

Voice Lessons are fun. There is no other way to describe it.

Anyone can take voice lessons and enjoy singing their favorite songs while still learning the rudiments of music, reading notes and technique.

It is not important whether you have talent or not. Talent is quite subjective and we all know that talent varies from one person to the next. What is important is that the student experiences the joy of singing and developing their voice each week. You will be surprised at what you can accomplish!

We offer voice lessons to all levels including serious students of classical voice as well as to professional and semi-professional singers.

Please read our “Voice lessons Details” link/page for more information about voice lessons.