Violin Lessons


violin-lessonsThe violin is truly one of the most beautiful sounding instruments in the orchestra. Its voice can be strong and assertive or quiet and contemplative. It was in the 1500’s that the violin as we know it came to be. It came to be a front and center instrument in the classical orchestras and chamber ensembles of the past as well as the present. The violin has four strings that can be plucked or bowed. It is a relatively difficult instrument to learn but the rewards are great!


Some famous violin methods recommend violin lessons to begin as young as age three years old.

We recommend a child be no younger than five years old. Even at five, the child must have a great deal of patience and focus.

Violins come in half and three-quarter sizes.

Our violin teachers are dedicated professionals who will guide the student along the path to playing the wonderful violin music that is in the repertoire.

Violin lessons will include correct position of the violin and the bow, violin technique and a traditional well-rounded music education program.


Violin lessons will bring joy to students of all ages 5-adult. It doesn’t matter what age you start as long as you have a minimum of 20-30 minutes a day to practice.

The violin is present in all genres of music today such as country, jazz and rock as well as classical. It has become a versatile and desirable instrument not only because of its sound but because of its size. It is an easy instrument to travel with and not too cumbersome or heavy to hold while playing it.

From a technical standpoint, the violin is challenging and yet as soon as you begin to play simple melodies, you will experience the beauty of the music you are producing and the excitement of accomplishment.