Viola Lessons


viola lessons

The Viola is a stringed instrument that is in the violin family. It is slightly larger than the violin but it has a much lower sound. It is played while you hold it under your chin and use a bow. It is a difficult instrument to learn as a beginner and the type of instrument where a teacher with experience is really necessary in order for you to play properly.

It may seem as if you hold the viola the same as the violin, but actually you do not. Viola lessons will teach you that there is a difference in posture and only a trained teacher can help you with the proper way to hold the instrument. If it is a bit off, you will never be able to master the proper sound and will only be doing yourself an injustice by not allowing yourself to truly be creative. The strings are also a bit thicker and if you have previously learned to play the violin, it will take some time to become comfortable with it.

It is really necessary to have the trained eye of an experienced viola teacher, someone who actually plays the instrument themselves to help you. Our viola teachers will also help you read viola music, which is very different from violin music because the viola has its own clef. It is called the “viola clef”. It is not something that will take a long time to master, just a different way of reading the music.


In viola lessons, you will learn that the viola can be played in an orchestra setting or as part of a jazz band so it does offer many opportunities and creative outlets. It is not meant to be played as a solo, but in a group setting, you can hear its sound blend in and then you can realize how important it really is to the entire group. Its sound blends in a subtle way.

As you know, with any instrument, it is important to practice. Before you begin lessons, it’s a good idea to read about the viola a little so you can understand more about this very special instrument. Lessons in viola will aid you in becoming more comfortable with your instrument. Our viola teachers will encourage you to take your time and go step by step. This instrument may not be the easiest instrument to learn, but the benefits, enjoyment, and opportunities will come back to you in more ways than you could ever realize!

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