Upright Bass Lessons


upright-bass-lessonsThe Upright Bass is also known as the double bass. It is the largest of the stringed instruments and has the lowest pitch. You could almost say it is a combination of the viola and the violin and you will see it in the violin section of an orchestra.

The upright bass can be played by either sitting or standing and the height can be adjusted for where your hands reach the strings by adjusting the endpin. This allows you to support the instrument comfortably with your knees and shoulders. Sitting or standing really depends on which way you have the most control and is completely up to the student. Our upright bass teachers can give you some pointers as to the better way to play the instrument based on your own preference and skill.

You play the bass by bowing, which is the technique used for moving the bow across the strings. There are different ways of making music with the bass. You can use a bow as I have previously mentioned. You must learn to feel comfortable with the bow and learn the motion necessary to create the smoothest sound. You can also employ other techniques. Some are known as striking which involves pulling the strings with your index finger. Another way is to slap bass which requires you to pull on the strings to produce a sound. Each method will produce a different kind of sound and it really depends on what type of music you want to play.

If you decide to play the bass, our upright bass teachers will go over the different techniques you can use in order to play. In upright bass lessons, you can discuss which way you are more comfortable which also depends on your size and the size of the bass. In lessons in upright bass, our experienced teacher will be able to teach you the correct posture you need in order to support an instrument of this size and to also teach you different techniques in order to have full access of the strings. If these issues are not dealt with from the beginning, you will not be able to create all the notes the bass can produce.

In your upright bass lessons, our experienced teachers will go over lessons with you as well exercises in order for you to have better hand control. They will also teach you to be able to read music with your eyes and be able to play with your hands. This involves having concentration and coordination which will come with practice. After time, you will be able to create music you never thought you were capable of and it will bring you much enjoyment!

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