Keyboard Lessons


keyboard_imgMany do not wish to purchase a piano until they are sure the student will continue to show an interest in learning. If you feel this way or if you prefer the convenience of a portable instrument and/or the variety of options an electric keyboard has to offer such as a headphone jack, composition software, and different sounds, then you should consider purchasing a keyboard. Keyboard lessons on Long Island and keyboard lessons in NYC are extremely popular. The Keyboard is an electrical musical instrument that allows you to play different notes by pressing keys, pushing buttons or moving levers. The most common keyboard is of course the piano but there are other types known as organs and electronic instruments. The electric keyboard can produce sounds of all different kinds of instruments and it also allows you to play or even record many of these sounds.

Learning an electric keyboard easier in some ways than learning to play piano and it offers an equal variety of the type of music you can play. A piano has 88 keys which have to be played manually but the keyboard usually has anywhere from 15-65 or more keys and in some models, all the way up to the 88 keys like a piano does. The keyboard offers students a greater variety of creativity than a normal piano does with respect to sounds.

Keyboard Lessons

In keyboard lessons, our experienced keyboard teachers will teach their student in a two-step program. You must first learn the traditional keyboard much like regular piano lessons. In lessons in keyboard, it is also important to learn music theory. Our experienced keyboard teachers realize the importance of reading and understanding music. Without the basic knowledge of music and the keyboard, the student will not be able to place their hands in the proper position or become familiar with simple and major chords. Then the student can learn how to use the different sounds on the keyboard which are usually produced by pushing a button.

It is very important that the student becomes familiar with the use of the keyboard and the keys. In keyboard lessons, they must learn to extend their fingers and know what keys will produce what notes. If they do not master the basics, they will be doing themselves an injustice because they will not be able to read music and create all that is possible.

Once the student has mastered that, then they can advance on to learn what the keyboard they are playing can offer them. They can go through the different instruments and rhythm buttons with their teacher and learn how to set up and create all types of music. They will become familiar with different pre-set rhythms and with time learn how to use the slider bar to slow down or speed up different tempos.

Once they have mastered and become comfortable with all the different keys, they are ready to record their own music! There is no limit as to the type or music they are capable of, whether it is jazz, pop, or classical. With the proper training, they are on their way to putting their own touches to the music they create!