Piano Lessons


piano lessons NYCThe piano is an extremely popular instrument. Invented in 1780, it is actually considered to be in the percussion family of musical instruments. Piano lessons are popular for many reasons. It is easy to produce a note simply by pressing down the piano key and the notes are arranged horizontally which is a readily understood concept. In addition, the piano adapts itself to an enormous range of music from the earliest to the most current popular Broadway tunes, Jazz music and current and past hits on the pop charts. Even solo music that wasn’t composed for the piano can be played on the piano.


Piano lessons are appropriate for ages 4-adult. There are many wonderful, innovative method books on the market for Pre-K level students and there is an enormous range of methods and materials available for older children and adults.

Piano Lessons

All of our piano lessons programs are tailored to each individual student. Students are taught the basics of technique and reading music. In addition, they are taught through the use of the many wonderful methods that are for sale and lastly we give our students the music they love to play so that they are motivated to practice and learn.

Practice can be anywhere from 5 minutes for a young child to any number of hours for a serious adult. The normal practice time for a young student in school is from 15 minutes for the younger ones to 30-60 minutes for older children.

Piano lessons are very highly beneficial in the development of a child’s brain. Study after study supports that piano lessons surpass any activity in their contribution to developing essential connections in the developing brain of the child because it utilizes so many operations simultaneously.

As for adults, piano lessons can bring great pleasure in terms of relaxation and peace of mind as well as the joy of playing one’s favorite music.

Piano lessons offer a sense of accomplishment for young and old!