Our Philosophy

We feel it is important to create a compatible student-teacher relationship to ensure the student enjoys learning music.
Some students have a preference for a male or female teacher and some will get along better with a teacher who has a certain type of personality. Some students want a teacher who specializes in a specific genre (classical, pop, rock, jazz, etc.), or perhaps the student has special needs.

We make every effort to accommodate our students needs.

As a general rule, the student must learn how to read music notation as well as the correct position of hands and body.
We strive to prepare our students to have a strong basic knowledge of their instrument. At the end of music lessons, the student should have the tools (knowledge) be able to go to a music store, choose a piece of sheet music and take it home and play it.
Few choose to pursue music as a career, but the student is equipped should he/she desire to go that direction.

In the majority of cases, we integrate popular music (familiar tunes) into our programs. This makes the lessons more enjoyable.
Practice guidelines as well as the student’s program of study are tailored to the individual student.

Music theory is integrated into the student’s program of study either as a matter of course or upon request.