Electric Bass Lessons


Kathryn Brickell Music also offers bass guitar lessons with actively performing professional bass guitarists. This sometimes overlooked instrument is an ideal option for beginner guitar lessons on L.I. or in NYC or more advanced students looking for something different than what the crowd usually opts for.

The Electric Bass has so much to offer children of all ages as well as adults. Many are drawn to this instrument because of how it looks. The Bass guitar is an electric guitar with a bigger body, longer neck and fewer strings. Many first love the look of this instrument but then they come to realize how much it has to offer. Electric bass lessons can teach you to play rock and roll, jazz, soul and even reggae and funk. It is the type of instrument that can cross all lines of cultures as well as heritages.

Bass Lessons

Playing the electric bass requires good hand and finger coordination. Lessons in electric bass will teach you that you must pluck the strings with your index and middle finger. Many prefer to use picks because the strings are steel and may cause discomfort. The picks help protect your figures and they also allow you to play much faster. Our electric bass teachers will show you that depending on the way you pluck the strings, the electric bass can create many different sounds or notes. The actual pick you choose to use also effects the sound you produce. In electric bass lessons, you will learn that a thicker pick will produce a heavier sound while a thinner pick will produce a lighter sound, much like how it would sound if you used your fingers. Picks are very inexpensive which allows you to experiment with the different sizes. You can try a few and see what type of sound you want to generate and you can change it at any time.

Our electric bass teachers will advise you that learning the electric bass requires the brain to do two processes at one time and it requires concentration. Playing the electric bass requires you to pay attention to what your body is doing. You also have to memorize chords to different songs and melodies which strengthens your memory skills.

The electric bass can be played alone or with a group. It is easy to transport and can easily be taken anywhere without any inconvenience. You may not be able to hear it stand out when played in a group, but the good thing is that it is a vital part of any band because it quietly keeps the rhythm going. It is the type of instrument that can be used both in different environments such as in school events or social events but it is also fun to play in the convenience of your own home. It can be a very relaxing instrument to play and will help you be more at ease in any social environment.