Guitar Lessons


guitar_imgThe guitar is a wonderful instrument to study and play. It can sound soulful or joyful and it lends itself to all genres of music from classical to popular. In the 1700’s it was played as an instrument of classical music and through the centuries it became ever more popular first in blues and then in rock music.

Guitar lessons are popular because the guitar is such a versatile instrument and because the guitar is present in so much of today’s rock, pop and jazz hits. A note on the guitar is produced by plucking the strings with a pick or with the fingers. New notes are produced by holding down the strings on the fret board in different places along the neck of the guitar.


Guitar lessons are appropriate for students aged seven to adult but these days a student may start as young as five or six if s/he is determined and patient. There are guitar method books out on the market for these younger aged children and they can learn on a 3/4 size guitar.


Our guitar lessons program is created to suit each individual student and his/her tastes in music.

We teach the basics of rhythm and note-reading unless the student requests to sidestep a basic music background. That’s because much of the current popular music can be played by learning the chords on the guitar and reading guitar tablature instead of learning to read music.
Our guitar lessons students are motivated because we teach them to play the songs they love.

We carefully choose our active professional guitar teachers so that the guitar student has someone who they can both look up to and relate to.

KBM offers rock guitar lessons as well as classical and jazz guitar lessons. We offer both acoustic and electric guitar lessons so we can accommodate an aspiring singer/songwriter, rock guitarist or classical performer seeking to play the works of the great classical guitar composers.