Drum Lessons

drum_imgOur drum instructors have varying backgrounds and are prepared to accommodate the student’s requests regarding the genre of music the student is interested in learning. Keeping time, correct posture, positioning of instruments (height and angle), seating distance from the drum set, and setting the drumsticks at the correct point in the swing are topics which are covered in the lessons. We stress playing smoothly and evenly at first, and then focusing on speed and power later as the student progresses. We can also accommodate the more advanced student.

The drums are a totally different type of instrument. They are the backbone of any band because they create the tempo in which others will follow. The drummer is set apart from the rest of other musicians because it requires so much upper body strength as well as personality. The musician and the drums become one, and they bring their energy through the beats they create.

drum Lessons
There are many benefits to taking drum lessons. Many children, who have a great amount of energy, can use the drums to release their feelings through the music. Lessons in drum can also help a hyperactive child stay focused and relieve them of the energy they have inside them as well as help them develop stronger eye-hand coordination. Drums also offer a wonderful cardio workout. You use your arms, legs and breathing much like you would at the gym for a long period of time. Also as with any other type of instrument, it can bring confidence to a child as well as an adult.

Our drum teachers will show you that learning the drums is not difficult. If you can count to 4 you can be well on your way. In drum lessons, you will learn that the beats of a drum are based most of the time on the rhythm of 4 so it is the type of instrument that can be learned by children and adults of any age. Sitting at drums and counting 1 – 2- 3- 4 and rapping the drums on each count will help you with your timing. Once you develop your timing, the rest will come naturally.

If a child is interested in learning the drums, our drum teachers will advise you to purchase some drum sticks from a local music store. Let the student get used to holding them in their hands and feel comfortable with them. You will also be advised to purchase drum pads. The drum pads will let the student become accustomed to rapping on the drums and creating a rhythm plus they are not as loud as a regular set of drums and not as expensive of an investment (if you have a set of drums or prefer to purchase a set, that is also fine). In the course of drum lessons, if your child shows interest, a regular drum set would be the next step. Be sure to praise your child and give them the confidence to continue and most importantly, we will make sure you find a wonderful fit with one of our trained drum teachers so they can bring out the music in your child!