Trumpet Lessons


trumpet-lessonsThe trumpet is a wonderful instrument to learn because it can offer both classical and jazz music to a student. There are broad ranges of music that can be played as well as many different styles of music that can be taught in the course of trumpet lessons.

Lessons in trumpet can begin with children as young as 9 or 10. Sometimes earlier if the child seems to really have an interest in the instrument. This instrument requires strong cardiac muscles as well as breathing techniques. One of the first lessons to be taught involves breathing techniques as well as how to hold your mouth on the instrument It is amazing how much air has to be blown into the trumpet in order to generate a wonderful sound but with practice, you will learn to inhale deeply enough to control how fast you release the air and thus creating all different kinds of sounds and tones.

Also over time, you will become more comfortable with embouchure control and corner mouth strength. These elements when done correctly, allow the air to flow into the instrument in a smooth way and generate a wonderful smooth sound out.

Care of the instrument is also so important. Our trumpet teachers will talk to you about keeping the trumpet clean and oiled. If it is not taken care of on a daily basis, it can affect the sound of the music.

In the course of trumpet lessons, the student will learn a new feature or technique each week and build upon it. As time goes by, they will be able to tell if a note is flat or sharp and they will be able to develop their own style of playing and technique, often bringing their own personality into their music. Our trumpet teachers are trained to see if you are having any problems mastering the instrument. They are there to give you guidance and tips and many times, they see a problem when you have easily overlooked it. Bad habits are hard to break, especially if started out that way, and with a teacher making sure each and every step is done right, there is no room for error. Before long, you will have the confidence and knowledge needed to excel with this instrument.

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