Music Lessons

A deep love of music with all of its glorious sounds serves as the building blocks of Kathryn Brickell Music in New York. Since 1985, we have educated people of all ages on the art of music through concentrated, private music lessons. For over 25 years, we have employed the most highly-qualified instructors, and have made every instrument accessible from childhood to adulthood. We invite you to find lifelong inspiration and joy through music!

With weekly music lessons from accomplished musical professionals and a prolonged commitment to mastering an instrument, Kathryn Brickell Music in New York can transform you from a music lover into a trained musician. To begin, the first step is to choose an instrument from one of the many on which Kathryn Brickell Music offers instruction in NYC, Queens, Long Island, Nassau County, Northern Virginia, and Southeastern North Carolina.

Piano: With piano lessons aimed to instill a love of music, the instructor creates a program that includes the preferred music of the student and teaches basic techniques of piano playing.

Keyboard: Offering a wide variety of musical range, keyboards are popular, yet complex instruments. Students interested in keyboard mastery are well-served by professional instruction.

Guitar: Starting as early as 5 years of age, a budding musician can receive superior acoustic or electric guitar instruction from Kathryn Brickell Music professionals.

Electric bass: With the deep, rich tones thrown by the electric bass, it’s a perfect instrument for a beginner in search of a unique sound.

Voice Turning a voice into an instrument requires practice, dedication and professional training from one of Kathryn Brickell Music’s vocal teachers.

Viola: Playing a viola requires proper technique and posture. A viola instructor from Kathryn Brickell Music can guide a violist in perfecting one’s form.

Violin: Viewed as the epitome of musical refinement, the violin is a graceful instrument that demands precision and persistence in directed practice.

Cello: To learn the cello, it’s imperative to obtain personalized instruction in order to excel as poor posture greatly affects the quality of playing.

Upright Bass: Learning the upright bass calls for a great deal of professional instruction to ensure proper handling of the instrument for playing while standing or sitting.

Flute: The flute is one of the easier instruments to learn with customized instruction that is tailored to the student’s progress.

Saxophone: Music lessons are essential to a saxophonist advancing one’s skillset and producing the unmistakable, powerful sound of the sax.

Clarinet: Proper mouth and finger placement are fundamental in playing the clarinet, which can be easily learned through instruction by a clarinet teacher from Kathryn Brickell Music.

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At Kathryn Brickell Music, the assorted selection of instruments on which you can receive instruction ensures that you will find a lesson program that’s music to your ears. Kathryn Brickell Music serves those residing in many areas of New York, such as NYC, Brooklyn, Long Island, and Southeastern North Carolina. If you or a family member is ready to make music a part of everyday life, please contact us (800) 285-5732 to schedule an information session with one of our knowledgeable client managers.