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If you’re here to read on some really cool facts on music, then look no further. We’ve summed up some of the best statistics we’ve found online and provided them below. Continue reading to be mind blown! 🤯

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Some Cool Facts on Music

  • Recent polling reveals that over half of the households in the US contain at least one person older than 5 who plays a musical instrument. Eighty-five percent of Americans consider music to be a very important component of their daily lives, and more Americans are playing music than any other nation on the globe.
  • The vast majority of Americans (94%) consider music to be part of a well-rounded education, and a similar percent believe that music education should be a part of a regular school curriculum. 85% of Americans also see a correlation between school music participation and better academic performance.
  • Seniors are also getting in on the game, using music not just as a hobby but for its documented wellness-enhancing benefits, such as stress reduction, immune enhancement, and mental health. America alone purchases almost half (42.7%) of all musical instruments bought across the world, with Japan coming in second with 15.6% and the United Kingdom third at 6.7%. Two-thirds of Americans say they have an interest in learning to play, and an even higher proportion says they €œwish they had learned to play.
  • The demographics of the market are broad, with slightly more women (51%) playing than men (49%), but they skew young the proportion of musicians aged 18 to 34 has grown 5% since 2003. This may have to do with parental encouragement: 37% of these musicians report parental involvement in the decision, more than the 29% who take it up on their own and the 33% who take it up after being encouraged by a teacher or someone else.

What does this say?

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