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Piano Lessons Long Island – Keeping Your Piano in Tune Saves You Money


Build on your musical future with a solid foundation in music education. Kathryn Brickell Music, a New York based private music school offers a full list of instrument instruction, conveniently taught in the private of your Long Island home. Our piano teachers have studied with the best-in-class and have the skills necessary to drive learning and relay different styles of teaching. We are dedicated to instructing our students in classical piano, jazz piano and even keyboard. Keyboard vs Piano What most people probably think of first when they're trying to decide whether to get a keyboard or a piano is the [...]

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What is so special about J.S. Bach’s Music?


J.S Bach is undoubtedly one of the greatest composers to ever exist on the face of the earth. His composed music was truly mesmerizing. The individual threads composed by him blended together in pure perfection. The common question that arises here is what is so unique about his music? Here are some points which we think are the answer to our question: Why J.S. Bach might be the greatest composer (or one of them) He was among those people who are absolutely  obsessed with perfection. His motivation helped him to write amazingly complex pieces. There are no flaws nor gaps in [...]

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Learning to Play the Organ


Termed as "The King of Instruments", the organ is an interesting and fascinating instrument to play.  It comes in various forms from the standard electronic, to the more refined Church Organ and Orchestral Organ. Its ability to produce sounds across wide ranges of both, volume and pitch makes learning the organ seem difficult yet extremely rewarding, as the musical variety they are capable of is astounding. Here are some steps that we have compiled to make learning the organ easier and quicker: 1. Learn the Piano:   Most organ teachers will not accept you without at least one year of piano training as the instruction requires you to have some experience on the piano. There are twelve notes a piano can [...]

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History Of The Piano


The story of the piano began in Italy in 1709, in the shop of a harpsichord maker named Bartolomeo di Francesco Cristofori. Before the development of the piano came many other string and keyboard instruments. The origin of vibrating sound goes back to prehistoric times. In the ancient world, strings were attached and stretched over bows and boxes to amplify the sound. They were fastened by ties, pegs and pins; and were struck to produce sounds. Enroll in the best music lessons today at Kathryn Brickell Music : www.music-instruction.com Eventually, after sometime, a family of stringed instruments with a keyboard evolved [...]

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Benefits of Learning to Play the Piano


Piano is one of the most widely used musical instruments and is generally considered to be the backbone of music. A Pianist can extract several unique benefits not only in the stages of learning but throughout his lifetime. Researchers have proved that playing the piano is beneficial for a persons health and overall well- being whether he or she is a child or an adult. Kathryn Brickell Music we can assist you to be a better musician. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. 1. Playing The Piano Can Increase Cognitive Development: Scientific studies have proven that learning music uses the brain in ways that [...]

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Piano Teachers in Long Island – Music Scales and Modes


Kathryn Brickell Music is proud to offer piano teachers to our students in Long Island. We will be posting informative articles relating to the piano and piano lessons. The following article consists of an explanation on music scales and modes. We hope you will enjoy your piano lessons with our wonderful, experienced and dedicated local piano teachers. Enjoy! Music Scales and Modes Various pitches can be organized into different schemas, called both scales and modes. The dominant Western theory of music divides an octave (the distance between one pitch and its doubled or halved pitch) into 12 notes this is referred [...]

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