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Teaching Private Lessons in NYC area

1. Teaching music is only 25% about music and 75% about people (anyone who tells you differently is likely unaware of the transformation of ordinary people into talented musicians). Understanding how a student thinks, processes and applies that information to their instrument is vital. A teacher also needs to understand what motivates, frustrates and excites

Building Bridges from Strong Island to the World

You know that saying “no man is an island” or heard that joke about the Hamptons? Of course you have! Let me tell you about “bridge and tunnel.” Well, mostly bridge as that is the main route into Long Island. Long Island is statistically pretty amazing when you come here and learn about it. There

Music is a Medicine (6 Cures)

Music Lessons Long Island | 516 759 6094 We present six healing elements of music study. Enroll in music lessons in Long Island today 516 759 6094 Music not only helps in our personal life but in all circles of our life. Here are the six advantages of music: 1.Music contributes to the development of

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