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Teaching Private Lessons in NYC area


1. Teaching music is only 25% about music and 75% about people (anyone who tells you differently is likely unaware of the transformation of ordinary people into talented musicians). Understanding how a student thinks, processes and applies that information to their instrument is vital. A teacher also needs to understand what motivates, frustrates and excites their student and why. A teacher sometimes needs to babysit their moods. Sometimes a child may need a soft encouragement and sometimes a little push. Most music teachers think ‘teaching music’ is all about scales, music theory, songs chords, etc. When they focus on ‘presenting lesson [...]

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Never Skips a Beat – New York City


Picture this. I put a blindfold on you and transport you somewhere and then I take it off. I then ask you to take a guess where you are. With the blindfold off you can see there are lights flashing, many cars and traffic congestion, masses of construction signs, there are many small businesses and stores, and different types of people from all walks of life are bustling around you. If you were listening you will immediately notice there is an outright absence of silence. Where are you? If you said “New York City,” you win! You get a gold star [...]

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