Online Music Lessons During Covid 19


During these Covid 19 challenging times families are looking for many ways to not just keep themselves active but to also make sure your children continue their learning while schools are in lock down. Many families are learning how to home school or monitor their childrens online studies. Music is both a fun and educational way for your child or any age person to discover many new creative ways of expression and learning strengths all through the course of music. Regardless if you are beginner, intermediate or advance student of music, choosing to learn and continue with your music education online [...]

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How to Learn to Sing


Singing is often thought of as an "uncommon gift." People will often say, you can either sing or you can't. And while we would all like to sing better, it doesn't always seem possible or within our repertoire. We're going to lay to rest some of these unfounded beliefs. In fact, we'll lay it out simply; you can improve your voice and develop the skills to sing like a professional musician. Just as you would learn to play any instrument, you can also learn the strategies that most famous singers still use today. So, whether you're dreaming of touring with a band, [...]

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How to Sing in Tune, Part 2


Fortunately there’s an even quicker and simpler way to check if you’re tone deaf. You can use an ear testing service online in just a few minutes and find out for certain whether you are prone to tone deafness. A tone deafness test isn’t a “hearing test”, it’s not meant for checking ear damage or hearing loss with age. Also don’t worry about whether you possess a “musical ear” or not. Well Designed tests don’t require any musical skill or knowledge. They test the basic biological ability of distinguishing different pitches and frequencies. You can be totally unmusical and still pass [...]

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How to Sing in Tune, Part 3


Learn some tips and tricks from Kathryn Brickell Music school for singing. Sign up for singing lessons here, or inquire more through our Contact us page. Continuing from where we left off last. Missed those articles? Find them here and here.  Here are a few other ways to help you sing in tune. 1.       Learning to match pitches with a digital tuner: This is a simple way to practice singing with good pitch while hitting the right notes. You may use any kind of digital tuner e.g. a guitar tuner or simply an online version of a digital tuner. The idea behind [...]

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Music Helps To Treat Depression


“I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.”  Billy Joel Data collected from various research has proven that people can address their physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs by either playing, singing or listening to music. A recent study has revealed that music can effectively conquer depression in children and adults by dealing with their emotional, developmental, and behavioural problems. Why choose Kathryn Brickell Music?  We offer the highest of quality piano lessons on Long Island‎. We encourage you to enroll [...]

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20 Amazing Musical Facts


Ever wonder about the power of music and what it can bring to your life? Kathryn Brickell Music works hard to educate its students not only with each instrument, but through the importance of music and its meaning in our lives. Here are some cool facts about music that you may not have known: 1) Children who study music tend to have a larger word bank and are more advanced in reading skills than their peers who do not opt for music lessons. 2) Children with learning disabilities or dyslexia can greatly benefit from music lessons. 3) Children who study a [...]

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