Special Needs Music Lessons

specials_imgAll children have hidden talents deep inside them that need to be triggered in some sort of way. Special needs children and special needs adults can enjoy music and creativity as well as any other child. Children who have difficulties with hearing, sight, moving and responding can gain great value from loving music. One instrument is capable of pulling something from inside them that allows them to create, interact, and connect with the people around them. Kathryn Brickell Music encourages them to be creative and express themselves. It can be a learning experience for the child as well as the parent.

Music lessons for special needs children allows the child to communicate and express their feelings. The same is also true of music lessons for special needs adults. Music helps special needs children and special needs adults with language skills and with developing motor skills. In many ways, music can be considered a type of therapy. Parents should work closely with the child’s teacher to oversee their progress. Working as a team, will allow the child to play an instrument even if s/he has disabilities. Teachers can help the special needs student to hold the instrument in a different manner, work on breathing exercises to suit the student and even help with better posture. Even if the student feels frustrated, it’s alright to let them. They are reacting much the same way their peers are and if they become frustrated, in many ways it’s because they want to learn.

Music lessons for special needs children and music lessons for special needs adults can open up a world to them that was once closed off. It’s their way of communicating with or without words. It’s their way of joining their peers and being accepted. Music can also have a very calming effect on the child as well. Playing rhythm on an instrument whether it is the beating of a drum, playing a flute or singing a song can be a way to encourage a child as well as calm down their frustration regarding the world around them.

Music has a calming effect on everyone and in many ways can bring a family closer together. Parents should never underestimate what a child can do. It can be their voice to the people around them.