Pre-School Music Lessons

preschoolers_imgOur music lessons for preschool program is vast. We have researched all the methods available and added our own tried and true proven method to produce a varied and fascinating program for ages 4-5. We are even equipped to teach children 3 years of age who are developed for their age and who show an interest in music.

Some of the techniques we include in our music lessons for preschool program are as follows:

  • RHYTHM DEVELOPMENT through clapping, marching, tapping and playing on the piano or electric keyboard.
  • NOTE RECOGNITION by starting the student with colors which are associated with the notes. We also use Lego staffs, building blocks and music book coloring methods as well as pre-note reading materials for playing short tunes on the piano/keyboard by color, number, letter and note direction up or down on a large staff. Other possible materials used in the lessons are musical board games and preschool music lessons oriented music teaching computer software.
  • ELEMENTARY MUSIC THEORY which is included in the method books we use. This can also be taught with all sorts of musical games and cards. Music theory includes recognition of the staff lines, of the rhythms as printed on the page (whole notes, half notes, rests etc.) of location of the notes on the keyboard, dynamics (loud and soft) and much more.
  • SINGING is a wonderful way to draw the young student into the wonderful world of music and develop a sense of all aspects of music, timing, pitch, phrasing and performance to mention a few.
    Through our preschool music lessons program, your child can learn the fundamentals of music while staying motivated and having fun!