Early Childhood Music Lessons

childhood_imgThe early childhood music program at Kathryn Brickell Music is directed at ages 3-5 years old. It includes listening to and making music. It takes children through the instrument families and teaches them the joy of music making.

The goal of early childhood music lessons is to inspire a love of music in young children through the use of drums, percussion (perhaps the most natural and accessible of all the musical instrument families) as well as piano/ keyboard and song and movement.

Early childhood music lessons includes singing, marching, clapping, drawing, and coloring to instill the student with a sense of rhythm and to instruct them in the elements of music theory (note reading, etc.) In addition, it includes traditional piano/keyboard instruction to the extent that the student is capable of learning it.

Early childhood music lessons inspires a life-long love of music making in young children and shifts the student from passive music listening to active music making.

Early childhood music lessons results in an early love of music through the use of rhythmic games and exercises, song, movement and recognition of the elements of music (high, low, loud, soft, melody etc.).

Our program teaches the basics of making music in a way that is fun. The results are far reaching, as the accomplishments of the student produce confidence and self-esteem. The student will find making music deeply gratifying and will want to continue playing music for the rest of his/her life. Early childhood music lessons in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Nassau County & Suffolk County from Kathryn Brickell Music.