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How to Choose the Right Music Instructor

It is conclusively proven and known that learning a musical instrument can improve memory, better physiological coordination, boost academic performance and grades, stimulate mental activity, heal and relax the soul. Therefore, it behooves one who [...]

Music Participation Enhances the Immune System

Let's  discuss how music participation may enhance the immune system. Music is proven to reduce stress and stress reduction results in a boost to your immune system. It has also been well documented that music [...]

Why and How to Learn Music

As one of the best forms of art, music has an incredibly soothing effect on the mind. Although the world feels that we have experienced many years of aging in the last couple pandemic months, [...]

Online Music Lessons During Covid 19

During these Covid 19 challenging times families are looking for many ways to not just keep themselves active but to also make sure your children continue their learning while schools are in lock down. Many [...]

Online Music Lesson Benefits for Children

Why online music lessons for children during these challenging times while we experience Covid-19 All children need some form of a release, and especially during the lock down orders with Covid-19, it is very important [...]