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The History of Drums & Drummers


Where Drums started In the Upper Paleolithic era, approximately 30,000 years ago, man figured out the art of making a drum using animal skin. The drum kit has long been at the heart of popular music. In the late 1800s, separate percussionists were assigned to cymbals and drums in military and concert bands. Indoor concerts, on the other hand, had obvious physical constraints and therefore percussionists often had to do double shifts.  A smart solution to this issue was to get feet (Pedal driven) in the action. In 1909, William F. Ludwig, Head of the Ludwig Drum Co. helped drummers do just that [...]

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Music Terminology


New York music school, Kathryn Brickell Music, offers private lessons conveniently at your locations. We have music teachers that travel in and to: Long Island, Queens, Manhattan, Suffolk County and much more! Find us on Facebook here! We wanted to bring you a few terms that you might frequently associate with music. We encourage everyone to pick-up an instrument and start exploring the world of music, as it's a fascinating one. To schedule a meeting with our local NY teachers, please send us a note here. Terms in Music Music is composed of many different composite elements or fundamentals. Some [...]

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