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Brooklyn’s Music Hub – You Can Enjoy It or You Can, Be It


Sometimes one may mistakenly think of Brooklyn and its music as a "low key" scene or field in the world of music, especially when it is compared to nearby Manhattan.  We New Yorkers often hear of the rock band or the hip-hop group coming out of Brooklyn finding commercial success after starting up here. Music in Brooklyn NY Just taking a look at the artist roster that has come from Brooklyn, we can see how much our little borough has played a crucial part in so many music scenes. Behind those headlines and scenes lie the people. The music makers. The [...]

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Even Prominent Artists Use a Vocal Coach


P. Diddy, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Sia, Becky G, Madonna, Brooke Candy, Jacob Sartorius, Mack Zeigler. I bet you wouldn’t think these people had ANYTHING in common; they ALL have something in common that you could join them in. They ALL enlisted vocal coaches and lessons in their growing career as artists!   If you think that only the rich & the stars need a vocal coach, you may want to think again. Vocal coaching can teach a vocalist, rapper or speaker how to use proper technique to protect the voice, how to project the voice, how to manipulate it safely [...]

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