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Music has a close relationship with our lives. In one way or the other music is present in all affairs of our lives including important festivities.

Whether it’s Christmas or Easter, Hanukkah or Diwali, music is the center of attention in all of them. Music does matter in all types of occasions whether it is a family party or an official dinner.

What has resulted in the frequent use of music in our festivities?

Music energizes the whole party and fuels our inner soul which results in producing a better environment.

Music has a close historical association with our festivities so the playing of Music on different occasions has become a tradition.

Music is considered a unique symbol. Every nation or community has it’s own unique tone.

Music is a uniting force. It bonds the entire community together. The following is an event that occurred during World War II that supports this statement:

During World War II, Britain and German forces were up against each other, fighting for supremacy.

Two of the battalions from both the sides were battling against each other over a piece of land but on the morning of Christmas Eve the fighting was stopped for a time, considering the fact that it was an important day for both the communities.

On the morning of Christmas Eve the air was filled with joy and the traditional Christmas tune. The British soldiers were celebrating Christmas in their traditional style. Upon listening to the soothing sound, the Germans decided to drop their weapons and celebrate Christmas together. The homesickness and loneliness pulled them together. Even though both spoke different languages, they were bonded together through the force of music.

This event clearly proves the importance of music in our lives. It shows that men fighting on both sides had feelings of affection for each other which were brought to life through music.