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How To Read Music Fluently

How To Read Music Fluently Expertise in music-reading should be among your top priorities. Music is a type of language and it is essential for a musician to learn to read music fluently. Musicians who sight-read fluently enjoy many professional and artistic advantages. Reading music well helps artistically because it makes the musician more versatile

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Motivation Techniques for Parents

How Can Parents Motivate Their Children? Success in the field of music can only be attained by working together. A music teacher can only do 90% of the job in a short weekly lesson. The rest is up to the parents to make it a priority and for the student to take the responsibility. A

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Taylor Swift’s Fearless Tour of Music

Pop Superstar Taylor Swift was born on the 13th of December, 1989 in Pennsylvania. Her family was forced to move to Tennessee when she was in her early teens so that she would have the opportunity to pursue her musical dream. At Kathryn Brickell Music we can assist you to be a better musician. Contact

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