Have you ever wondered why some people are successful musicians and some aren’t ? Were they born musicians? No they weren’t born musicians, rather, it’s their hard work and passion that turned them into superior singers and players. Here are the five rules of music which can turn anyone into a successful musician.These rules are like the five fingers of music without which a musician is like a hollow bone. If you’re interested in taking music lessons in the NYC area, Kathryn Brickell Music offers lessons from experienced musicians through a variety of instruments.
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1.Linking Your Soul To Music:
Music is like a human cell and the important component of it is your soul (nucleus).Without the bonding of your soul ,music is incomplete.
2.Developing a strong passion and love:
Whether you are a musician or any other professional, passion is the key to success.Think of music as a child who always needs your love and care.
3.Never Give Up:
All musicians start from the basics like you so they play like any of us at the start and then they gradually get better and better. We strongly recommend that parents encourage their children, no matter how bad they play at the start.
4.Choosing an Inspirational Personality:
Inspiration can be gained from anything even a simple picture or incident. We recommend that our students choose their favorite musician. It develops a sense of competition to do better and better so that one day they can stand side by side to with favorite personality.
5.Finding the right Instrument and Professionals :
You must choose the Instrument and professionals who suit you best. This is the reason that we at Kathryn Brickell closely study your needs and wants.

These rules of music are the foundation blocks of music.Kathryn Brickell Music offers piano lessons, violin lessons, guitar lessons, and more to the NYC area. Contact us today to schedule an appointment, or view some of the instruments we offer through our New York City Music School here .