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Before the Jukebox


Coin-operated music boxes and piano players were the first forms of automated coin-operated musical devices- preludes to the modern day jukebox. These instruments used paper rolls, metal disks, or metal cylinders to play a musical selection on the instrument, or instruments, enclosed within the device. In the 1890s these devices were joined by machines which used actual recordings instead of physical instruments. In 1890, Louis Glass and William S. Arnold invented the nickel-in-the-slot phonograph, the first of which was an Edison Class M Electric Phonograph retrofitted with a device patented under the name of Coin Actuated Attachment for Phonograph. The music [...]

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Learn Music by Ear or Sheet Music


There has long been debate amongst musicians over whether it is better to learn music by ear or through the use of sheet music. In the West, learning by ear is associated mostly with folk or rock music, but in many countries around the world classical traditions lack a history of musical notation and are also taught by ear. At Kathryn Brickell Music, we make sure our teachers are equipped to help you whether you wish to learn by "ear" or by learning sheet music. When one learns by ear they are essentially listening repeatedly and intently to other musicians and [...]

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